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Douglas is well known for his excellent hosting skills. Making an audience or visiting musicians feel at home with his warm welcome or his suberb breakfasts. In addition to his welcoming style, Douglas plays guitar, 5 string acoustic bass, electric bass, bowed psaltry and celtic harp He comes alive on stage and is very entertaining when he performs with Juliana as PondsideMusic.

Josh Filler

I first met Juliana on, of all places, eBay. Since then she has come to Australia twice, and meeting her each time is pure joy. She has the most beautiful voice and a lovely lyrical style of singing. Her CD "Not Just Lullabies from Planet Earth" is funny, sad, moving, joyful - a different emotion for every song and Juliana can do it all.

Eliza Leahy

Pondside Music
Music with laughter, joy and tears

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Pondside Music is the child of Juliana & Douglas McCorison. It was created and nurtured to provide artists and musicians with a place to live, perform and display their works for the enjoyment of others. Both Juliana and Douglas are Information Technology and Management professionals as well as musicians and songwriters.

Pondside is also the home in which they live. It was built with music in mind, being the stage of many house concerts as well as a recording studio. Set in beautiful Victoria BC (Canada) with the peaceful ocean on one side and a large Koi pond on the other, it is the perfect place for music to be created.

About Pondside ~ Concerts ~ Folk Links ~ Credits ~ Contact Pondside