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As well as musicians, Pondside supports the talents of many wonderful artists and budding artists. Pondside is a place where people can grow in spirit, where they are encouraged to follow their dreams.

In the future Pondside intends to hold art exhibitions to showcase the work of their talented artist friends. If you are interested, contact Juliana

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Music with laughter, joy and tears

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Links - Thanks to Gene Wilburn - Northern Journey's for many links to folk clubs and festivals. Gene has written a definitive guide to folk recordings in Canada - I'd highly recommend it for your discography pleasure.

Recordings - CD's can be purchased directly from musicians at our house concerts. If you missed buying yours -- check out their web sites. Other sources of music for your listening pleasure are available through Festival Distribution, or CD Baby - a fun group of people with neat music.

About Pondside ~ Concerts ~ Folk Links ~ Credits ~ Contact Pondside