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Enoch Kent booked for May 4th.

Enoch Kent embodies the epitome of the fusion of Irish-Scots-English traditional music with contemporary songwriting. Sing Out!

"Enoch Kent is a singer and a crafter of songs in the fine old mold of Ewan MacColl, and Kent's broad, smoky, powerful voice is every bit the equal of MacColl's. Dirty Linen

A folk artist of the finest order, a riveting performer and a compelling yarn spinnerů a potent and enriching experience for all who listen. Toronto Star

Scotland-born and now Canada-based, this legendary songsmith was co-founder of the acclaimed Singers Club with Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger. Since immigrating to Canada in the 60s, Enoch performed in many folk clubs and festivals across the country to wide acclaim. During that time, he focused on live performance and decided to put recording aside for, as he says, "a wee while".

After a 36-year recording hiatus, at 70 years young, Enoch well made up for lost time with his return to the studio and the release of 4 outstanding CDs on the Canadian indie label Second Avenue Records: "I'm A Workin' Chap", "Love, Lust & Loathing", "For The Women", and "I'm A Rover". These albums have been garnering rave reviews, extensive airplay, 2 Canadian Folk Music Award nominations, and tour opportunities across Canada, the US, and UK. He just released his 5th offering, "One More Round" on Borealis Records.

His collections of songs include such original gems as the "The Farm Auction", (recorded by Garnet Rogers, The McCalmans, Jean Redpath and others), "No More Cod On The Banks", "The Widows O' War", "Edinburgh Maggie", and "I Didn't Raise My Son To Be A Soldier". Enoch's music is treasured by both traditional and contemporary music enthusiasts with a passion for story-songs, love and betrayal ballads, and gritty politics. While his songs are deeply rooted in the Scottish style, much of his subject matter is Canadian, giving his music a unique cultural blend. What's more is Enoch's natural storytelling style complemented by his ferocious wit. Enoch's website

Feb 11, 2999 saw Darrel and Saskia here at Pondside.

darrel n saskia They were wonderful and we're looking forward to their return next year when they tour through Victoria and perform Main Stage at the Victoria Folk with Gary Felgard. You don't want to miss them again they are well worth the wait and we look forward to seeing them whenever they're in concert.

Penny Sidor, October, 2008 Fun, zany, beautiful voice and great chops.Can't ask for more but when she comes back in 2009 there's be some surprises!
Penny Sidor

Oct 21 www.myspace.com/newoldstockmusic

"New Old Stock" is the instrumental cream of the brand new string nation. Harking back to the "grand old days" when new virtuosos seemed to spring onto the scene fully formed with a whole repertoire of brilliant music nobody had ever heard before, somehow these kids have absorbed everything we had to offer and alchemized it into a whole new musical world.

Oct 2nd was the incomparable Penelope Swales from Australia.

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